TRAVEL FAQ for a first time visitor to Croatia.
Safety & Security -

Stable democratic government
Growing economy
Helpful, friendly people
Low crime rate, safe destination
Well educated local population, welcoming to tourists, many speak basic english or german
No visa for US, and all european tourists
No Police problems
No earthquakes
No major disease problems

Local environment -

Diverse landscapes: Beautiful wide open countryside, Unspolied mountains, rivers, lakes, forest, steppes and desert.
One of the prettiest coasts with thousand islands.

Good food
Christian religion
Sparse population ( cca 4.7 million croatians)

Not an overrun tourism destination

Tourist services -

Western standards of lodging and service available
Good exchange rate
International flight with major airlines as well as good charter flicht coverage
Good traffic infrastructure
Adventure and sport opportunities
Home of Cravat
Mediterranean lifestyle, european hidden secret
No fences
Authentic culture
Famous history


Location: Geographically situated on the cross-roads between Central Europe and the Mediterranean.
Constitution: parlamentary multiparty Republic, Capital: Zagreb, Population: 4,7 milions.
Coast: 5835 km - of which 4057 km island shores, rocks and cliffs. Number od islands, rocks and cliffs: 1185. Inhabited 67 islands.
Biggest islands: Krk, Cres, Brac, Hvar, Pag, Korcula
Language and Alphabet: Croatian, Latin Alphabet.
Currency: Kuna - Kn ( Banknotes: 1000 Kn, 500 Kn, 200 Kn, 100 Kn, 50 Kn, 20 Kn, 10 Kn, Coins: 5 Kn, 2 Kn, 1 Kn, Nickles: 0,50 Kn, 0,20 Kn, 0,10 Kn, 0,05 Kn, 0,02 Kn, 0,01 Kn, nickles are called Lipa )

Quick orientation with croatian money:
Aprox. 7,15 Kuna to 1 EUR, Aprox. 10 Kuna to 1 GBP, Aprox. 5,65 Kuna to 1 $
or 100 Kune = 14 eur, 10 GBP or 17.55 $,

TRAVELING DOCUMENTS: for 90 days tourist stay for non-visa nationals- passport, Italy / Germany for 30 days tourist stay ID. Visa requirements overview: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- LOCAL FERRY linies for Island RAB
Rab maps:
- Island Rab map ( 470 KB, jpeg image)
- map of the centre ( 765 KB, jpeg image

- Accommodation request

Croatia Public Holidays
New Year's Day, Epiphany, Easter Monday, Labor Day (May 1), Corpus Cristi, Jun 22 Antifacism Day,Croation National Day (May 25),  Homeland Thanksgiving Day ( Aug. 5th), Our Lady of Assumption ( Aug 15), Oct. 8 Independence Day, Oct. End of Ramadan for muslim community, All Saints' Day ( Nov 1st), Christmas Dec.25 and Boxing day Dec 26 Saint Stephen's Day.

Time: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Saturday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October).

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz.

Communications: Telephone, Post office, Satelite, Mobile, Internet

Telephone: IDD is available. Country code: 385. Outgoing international code: 00. Telephone booths are operated by phonecards available at post offices, news stands and in some tourist shops.
Well coverage of mobile providers. Roaming available.


Help on the road: 987
Police: 92
Firebrigade: 93
Ambulance: 94
Emergency: 112
Coast guard: 9155

General Information Service: 981
Nationale Telefon no. enquieries: 988
Internationale Telefon no. enquieries: 902
Weather forecast and Traffic informations: 060 520 520
Croatian Angels for Tourists - tourist informations help center: 062 999 999

Mobile telephone: GSM 900 network covers the whole country. Network operators include T-Com Mobile Communications LLC (CRONET) (website: and VIPnet d.o.o. (website: Both have roaming partners worldwide.

Health care:
International travellers are advised to take out full medical insurance.

Important information for tourists staying in Croatia

Registration and the payment of the tourist tax for domestic and foreign guests is mandatory according to the Tourist Tax Act and the Movement and Stay of Foreign Persons Act.

All those providers of accommodation services are obliged to register their guests, to possess the certificate of registration for each guest in any commercial accommodation facilities (hotels, apartment-hotels, tourist settlements, apartments, camps, boarding houses, lodgings for the night, hostels, private accommodation,marinas, etc.) and to present the same at the request of the guest.

Checking this is important and necessary particularly if you are staying in private accommodation so as to facilitate quality service, insure your personal safety and to disable illegal operation of those hosts who are not registered to offer accommodation.

In the event you are staying outside of commercial accommodation facilities, you are obliged to carry out the registration yourself within 24 hours at the nearest police station.
Further details on this

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