ST. MARIN, the deacon - The founder of San Marino Republic - THE LEGEND 

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Marin was born in Lopar on island Rab more than 17 centuries ago and trained to be a stonecutter. 
According to legend, he left the island with his life friend Leon at his young age and went to another side 
of the Adriatic Sea; to the coast of the Apennine peninsula, in town Rimini. 
The two young man left the native island in order to find job. 
As both were diligent and virtuous, the christian community there became very fond of them. Marin became 
a deacon to the bishop Gaudientium and made a admirable career. 
However, he was persecuted because of his  christian sermons so he fled to the hill Titan and built a small 
church, which soon became a gathering place for others and many found their new home and laws in it, 
thus founding a new community. That was the beginning of the today's city and the state of San Marino, 
named after him. 

A humble stone-cutter, who founded a small community of simple, poor and believing people on Mount 
Titano left as his main legacy freedom and christianity, a value which enabled Sammarinese to safeguard 
their community to present day. 
The official date of foundation of the Republic dates back to 3 September 301 AD.
Marin was buried in the small church he had built and got recognized a Saint by the population and by 
 the Church.  

San Marino is the Europe's oldest existing republic.
Today people San Marino and Rab cherish a close friendship and in Mai 2004 community of Rab erected 
a monument to St.Marin in the town Rab. 

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