" Island Rab has more than 30% ot its surface under woods. After Mljet, it is the woodiest and the greenest of all our islands, forested with fine trees. Kalifront is one of the best preserved wood zones of oak trees on the whole Mediterranean, that spreads on an area of 1.400 ha, while the reservation park Dundovo with its 109 ha of the best preserved oaks ( Quercus ilex) that can be found only on Briuni and Hvar. "
doc. dr. sc. Zeljko Spanjol, dipl. ing. of forestry. Institute for woods at the Forestry university in Zagreb

The Kalifront wood and reservation park Dundovo are unique forests on the Adriatic sea; an ambient rich in flora and fauna; from various birds, small animals, beetles, butterflies, contractor snakes and small reptillia to various flowers, aromatic herbs, weeds and trees to non native animals such as stags and deers, mouflons.. The whole area has many paths suitable for long walks or mountin biking, while the bays are favourite bathing spots for anyone with a boat.
Lately, on the islands were brought dangerouse non native animal spieces such wild boars (pigs), so the Woods as well as island hills walks are  not care- free anymore.

The wood got the name after the reneissance poem written by Juraj Barakovic during his visit; the characters in the poem actually impersonified the places on the island ( Draga = Supetarska Draga, Barbat, Lopar...).

According to this poem; young Kalifront was a shephard looking after his father's sheep. Kalifront's father was a friend of Barbat, the lord of the eastern part of the island, who hada daughter Draga. Barbat let her among the shepards as she had come of age. Kalifront fell madly in love with the girl and chased her all the way to Loparska Jamina cave ( nord part of the island). as Draga was promised by her mother to Goddess Diana, young girl implored Diana for help, and was thus turned into a stone statue, while Kalifront was punished as to have to spend his life planting the forest and feeding on wild fruits. As the forest grew and he neglected his appearances resembling more beast than a man, he became like his forest and thus the wood was named after him.

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