Sea is the only habitat for various fishes, crabs, shells, corrals and other sea life species. 

Let's enjoy in its wonders without damaging.
- Diving in the sea with the surface sea temperature 9 - 12 °C in winter, 24 - 28 °C in summer, On 20 m sea depth temperature is permanent, around 14 °C.
Visibility in water 20 - 30 m what are excellent conditions for UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY.
Seagoing possible at any weather conditions, the boat is equipped with heating for winter season.


 - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications has proclaimed Regulation on Diving (Official Gazette No.47/99, May 17,1999.) This Regulation governs the conditions for diving for recreation and sport in the internal and territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia. Croatian citizens as well as foreign nationals may perform diving activities only if they hold a valid divers card.
 - Divers card will be issued by the Croatian Diving Federation and it will be valid for a year following the issue date. Divers card will be issued only to persons with adequate qualifications.
 - Temporary diving qualifications are not valid.
- The area, at which diving is performed, must be visibly marked, an orange or red buoy or a diving flag.
- The maximum approved depth for diving for sport and recreation is 40 meters.

- NEW REGULATION! NN 23/03, 14. Feb. 2003 - shortly: it is possible to dive individually or through a sports club in Croatia. Individual divers must obtain diving permission, which costs KN 2400 ( cca EUR 330).
Please look at the croatian diving federation for a new translated full version of the regulation when it becomes available.

Diving is not permitted at the following locations:
- In the areas of internal sea waters encompassing harbours, accesses to harbours, anchorage and the areas with heavy traffic.
- In strict and special sea reserves, natural parks and other protected sea and undersea areas.
- Near anchored warships and protected military facilities at the coastal edge at the distance of less than 100 meters.
- Brijuni, Krka national parks

Diving activities regulated by this Regulation will be supervised by police, harbourmasters officers and the diving Inspectors appointed by die Ministry of Education and Sport.

Rescue Team: phone:9155(DAN), VHP channels 16,10.74
Barochamber Pula: tel/fax:++385 (0)52 217 877,24 572,
Baro-chamber Pula: mob.098/255 945, 098/219 225
Baro-chamber Split: IPM HRH phone ++385(0) 21 354 511
Baro-chamber Split:phone/fax: ++385(0) 21 361 355, 343 980 980

Download Diving Regulations
See official diving information sheet


- seaweed, sea lettuces and various sea plants
- a few sorts of sponges, crinoid and corals
- various shells
- crabs: little sea crabs, sea snails, spiny lobster, thursh wrasse, sea spider, scampi
- cephalopod molluscs: cuttlefish, squid, pulp, sea slug, black fish, calamary,
- fishes: golden grey mullet, saddled bream, ballan- wrass, garfish, sea bass, striped mullet, sea bream, brown mearge, gaper, dory, gilted sea bream, hake, common sole, giant goby, european conger, common dentex, red scorpion fish, greater weever, goldlin, John Dory, Rainbow wrasse, gurnard, common star- gazer, atlantic mackerel, spanish mackerel, horse mackerel, pilchard, sprat, smelt,  tuna fish, catfish, spotted ray, common eagle ray, smaller samples of blue sharks and more


- Sunken old ship from the 2nd world war. Suitable diving for novice and experienced divers.
- Sub aquatic caves and grottoes
- sea wellsprings
- long reef --> in many opinion between divers, this one belongs among the most beautiful ones

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Supetarska Draga
Languages: english, deutsch
Center capacity: 30
No. of equipment: 15
Diving school method: SSI
Issuing Diving permits: yes
Air compressor capacity: 
1 x 450 l/min
Languages: deutsch, italiano
Centre capacity: 30
No. of equipment: 15
Diving school method: CMAS
Issuing Diving permits: yes
Air compressor capacity:
600 l/min
Languages: english, deutsch, svenska, italiano
Center capacity: 30
No. of equipment: 15
Diving school method: CMAS
Issuing Diving permits: yes
Air compressor capacity:
1x 500 l/min
1 x 300 l/min
Languages: deutsch, italiano
Centre capacity: 70
No. of equipment: 20
Diving school method: CMAS, HRS, PADI, NAUI, ANDI, DAN
Issuing Diving permits: yes
Air compressor capacity:450 l/min
- Courses organized after CMAS, SSI and NAUI (Scuba) systems, PADI courses also available on previous arrangement
Medical examination obligatory, not older than 6 months
Contact us to reserve your place at a diving centre
Each course consists of a theoretical and practical part and lasts min. 6 days. Shorter courses of 4 days are also possible on requests. Please contact us for further details either by email or phone 00385-51- 725 543
1 Star - BRONZE one star Theory with examination. 6 diving . 
Cost  EUR 300.
2 Star - SILVER two stars Theory with examination. 6 divings.
Course cost EUR 300.
3 Star - GOLD tree stars Theory with examination. 6 diving. 
Course cost  EUR 300.
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Contact us to reserve your place at the diving centre
Important notice: 

For Sport - fishing you would have to have a permit, which can be obtained in the local fishing equipment shops at the following cost; 
60,00 kuna permit for 1 day; 
150,00 kuna permit for 3 days; 
300,00 kuna permit for 7 days; 
700,00 kuna permit for 30 days.

Divers: fishing with tanks and underwater gun is strictly forbidden! 

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