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    Islanders have been from always dependent on sea and Rab has a long maritime history and gave many fine sailors and captains. Nowadays, as many have turned to tourism it has two ACI Marinas on the island; Supetarska Draga and town Rab. Island also has dry marinas for boats winter- stays, crane and back up services for your convenience; from specialized shops for nautic and marine supplies ( NOBIMAR, AURANI, UDICA), to fine boat builders ( traditional PICULJAN dockyard ) and boat mechanics ( PERAN ). Private accommodation has also numerous private mooring posts in all the villages and many of our most dear guests bring their boats and stay with local people.
    Petrol station for boats is in town Rab.




    - Sea -temperature from May until October: over 20 C, in winter 12
    - Middle air temperature in Year: 16,8 C
    - Middle air temperature in Summer: 26 C
    - Middle air temperature in Winter: 8 C

    - Winds:
                The bura (bora) and the jugo-siroco (jugo- scirocco) are the main winds on the Adriatic. They prevail in the winter period from September to May. The prevailing wind in the summer is the Maestral.

                Bora is a cold and dry north-easterly wind. It blows in squalls from the continent towards the open sea and brings bright weather.

                Jugo is a warm, humid east-southeast wind, accompanied by heavy clouds and rain. It is not a sudden wind like the bora but takes 36-38 hours to develop.

                 Maestral is a local wind which blows from the sea, mostly in the summer. It usually starts between 10 and 11 in the morning and reaches its greatest strength between 2 and 3 in the afternoon to die down at sunset. It brings good weather. It is usually accompanied by white clouds.

        Other winds:
        Burin, a north-easterly, blows in the summer from the mainland.
        Tramontana and easterly Levante are another milder types of Bora.

       WEATHER FORECASTfor Adria (daily from Croatian Hydrometeorology Institute)

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    Boat renting 

    Boats from 5 hp - 50 hp

    - Daily price ranges from EUR 40 to EUR 60 depending on the power. 

    Petrol is not included in the price. Daily rents only on the spot, prior reservations not possible. 
    Licence needed ( see above) .

    Ships and speed-boats from 75 hp to 205 hp

     - minimum rental 3 days.
    Price starts from EUR 625 per week, depending on horse power.

    Rent -a- Boat with Descriptions and Pricelist

    rent a boat

    Charter for  Motor yachts  Power boats    Sailing Yachts    Catamarans    Motor sailers & Gullets 
    Min. rent duration is 1 week. 
    Offers on request only per Email.

    RULES  - overview for the boat rentals

          for navigation at sea in Croatia you should have a license, there are four types, for smaller boats up to 7m and approx 5 hp / boats used for private purposes by up to 7 meters and the motor power 15 kW - category A - Certificate of knowledge of the rules of navigation at sea (which costs about 100 EUR) or for all other rents of bigger boats skipper must hold a certificate of
    competency - boat license depending on category, usually category C. In any case, you have to have one on the boat... For boat rentals up 5 HP  this document is not asked (registered) by contracting, but it is up to you to have it in case of any control at sea ( penalties). For larger boats navigation license is registered in the rental contract.

          Course for boat license category C can be done at Port Authority according to previously agreed time, you'd have to bring a photo, passport. The course will be hold in croatian, german/ or english by the port captain,  duration 3-5 days with examination before the Commission. Price cca EUR 500 (350 + 150 examination course) .. If interested, contact here, 00385 98 216071

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