We present you with pleasure this little rural household on island Rab, located on a south-west part of island Rab on Pudarica, before the village Barbat - reachable by sea or road. Here you can enjoy the local home ambient and taste local products. The household is run by Neno and Miljenka  Stokic - a local family who offer only their own and local products.
The household centre - terrasse Topolino is situated just next to the coast where you can enjoy the meals on a peaceful green terrasse with a splendid view on the sea and Rab panorama.
The whole area is surrounded with aromatic herbs what gives that special touch to the air and food. Just bellow the terrasse is a small secluded nudist beach where you can rent beach chairs for sunbathing and enjoy the peaceful rest and swimm.

The owners make their own home-wine produced only from the  ecological grapes growing in their own vineyrds. They also produce different hard liquers as well as non-alcoholic refreshing drinks and teas from aromatic and medicinal plants. Bevereges are made after their own and traditional recepies. One of the their specialities is a pure rosehip brandy, with patented recepie.

Individual visits are welcome although reservations are advised since this is slow food and home-made dinner. Topolino Household can accommodate groups from 2 - 16 people. Bigger groups must split up in divisions.
Food orders for groups must be arranged beforehands.

Variouse snacks / cheese, smoked ham, salted  fish, variouse pate's from vegetables picked from the garden, home made bread baked under the lid on open fire are offered daily.

Each Wednesday traditionally is prepared "Rapsko socivo" - a local lentil soup made from variouse lentils ( corn, wheat, beans, chickpea) and ham.
vegetarian variations must be arranged beforehands. 

Home made dishes on REQUEST in Topolino;

- menu 1) - appetizer,  lamb under the lid with potatoes, seasonal salad, desert ( seasonal fruits or pancake/ home made cake) - 
- menu 2) - appetizer, octopus under the lid with potatoes, seasonal salad, desert ( seasonal fruits/ pancake/ home made cake) 
- menu 3) - stew with the home made gnocchi ( sheep stew or other meat after agreement), seasonal salad, desert ( seasonal fruits/ pancake/ home made cake) 
- menu 4) - "Rapsko socivo" lentil soup, desert ( fruit/ pancake/ cake) 

Main course in menu 1)2)3) with 500g meat/fish, every meal is accompanied by hand made house bread.

Other meals: 
- fish: grilled or under the lid


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