Village Kampor is located on the NW side of the island and streches from one bay accross the field to another one near monastery. Kampor is a quiet and family friendly area (car an advantage due to avarage local transport). In the vicinity there are several restaurants. 
Village has ambulance, restaurant, pizzeria's, shop, diving centre.

The place derives its name from latin 'campus' meaning field. Kampor is, as a village, relatively big in the island's criterion as it is spread on a bigger area.  The Kampor area consist of a Forest/ Nature park Kalifront ( where you can come across a dear or buck, if you are lucky),  a tourist village in woody Suha Punta, a long shallow sandy beach in the Kampor bay next to the old village, a fertile valley and the area around St. Eufemia bay with the franciscan monastery.
Kampor used to be a traditional fisherman's and peasants village before it got developed through tourism. 
Today it is  popular place with tourist that like nature and with divers. 


Actually, this is St. Bernardin monastery but got known after the small chapel of St. Eufemia and therefore often reffered to under that name. The monastery was founded by franciscans in 1444 and a donation from a local patrician. The St. Bernardine church has beautiful altars and a polypthyh alterpieces of Vivarini brothers, then
a wonderful wooden ceiling, decorated with sacral motives - the tabulatum.
This polyptich of the Vivarini brothers workshop and byzantine icona of the Madona with the child are of the particular artistic and historical value. 
There is also the ethnographic museum and the art gallery of Fra Ambroz testen. 
The franciscan library safeguards valuable medieval manuscripts and the Rab Chronicle transcribed and completed by Fra Odoriko Badurina.

- St.Eufemia monastery with fra Ambrosius Testen gallery and a small Ethnological and sacral  collection.
- Kalifront forest
- Remembrance cemetery for the victims of fascism in 2.nd world war

Accommodation facilities: tourist village Suha Punta, private accommodation

- Bujol, pizzeria Victoria, Skipper, Eufemia.
We recommend Restaurant Eufemia.

Beaches in area:
- shallow sandy beach 'Mel' in Kamporska Draga
- shallow bay 'Miral' 
- Suha Punta and Dundovo bays ( rocky, ideal for naturists and snorkelling)

Kampor Eufemia monastery

Kampor bay

Kampor - old village


"Mel" Kampor - sandy beach

"Mel" Kampor

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spring on the adriatic sea
Kampor in April

Matovica bay

Cifnata Bay

Dundovo Kalifront - FKK bays

Banjol Barbat Town Rab Mundanije Palit Lopar Supetarska

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