Gornja  S.Draga - the mill

St. Peter

Supetarska Draga continues on the Mundanije valley and embraces the bay on both sides. 
It is divided on Upper and Lower Draga. The word "draga" here meaning the bay although can mean a 'darling'.
The name derives the meaning after the name of the church of St. Peter, located next to it.
Locals in Draga have always been turned to sea more than the others on the island. Many are sailors. 
It is no wonder that the ACI Marina and crane settled right there in the sheltered bay which is also known 
as a nesting place and  winter home for migrant birds. 

Boaters like it a lot as they can quickly reach little uninhabited islets Maman, Srednjak and Sailovac, 
while other tourists spend their holidays in numerous pensions and apartments.


This 3 nave basilica is the oldest benedictine church on Rab, built in 1059. in a clean romanesque style 
next to the benedictine monastery ( it does not exist any more). 
This monastery was founded by Rab Bishop Drago who confirmed the possesions with the croatian King 
Petar Kresimir IV in 1071.  St. Peters' is one of the best preserved  romanesque churches in their original 
shape on the eastern coast of Adriatic and attracts many religious people as well as art and architecture lovers.

Accommodation in Supetarska Draga: Motel Zlatni zalaz, private accommodation


Gonar in Donja S.Draga, a must for every gourmand, try food traditionally prepared "pod peku" 
- old fashioned baking in the the clay pot under ember.
Other excellent are Gurman, Billy As, Mare, Belveder, Agava and Motel 'Zlatni zalaz' owned by Holjar family, 
which has one of the most fantastic sunset views on the Adriatic.


Beaches in Supetarska Draga:
- small sandy beach in 'Dumici' bay
- small beach near Belvedere
- Gonar bay with promenade and sandy beaches
- rocky / pebble beaches in Supetarska Draga Gornja near Zlatni zalaz

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