BARBAT is the first village to encounter after leaving bareness of the ferry port Misnjak and the rocky 
landscape. It is stretched through the Southeast and  tightest part of the island with the 5-7 km distance 
from the old town. Along the Barbat coast opposite the canal streches the islet of Dolin. 

Bushy aromatic vegetation, olive trees and rocky hill dominate the landscape here. 
Barbat has excellent vineyards on sandy red lands.  Many villagers who rent accommodation mind their
leas - they keep sheep, do agriculture, take upon honeybees and vineyards. It isn't rare that a good share of 
their home-made products  ends up on guests tables. 
Here are eco-company "Natura-Rab" with its' excellent honey products and home made cosmetics as well as 
the rural household Topolino where you can try old fashioned food and local wine.

On slopes of the hill Kamenjak above the village are the ruins of the church St. Damian, which exists as such 
from 12. or 13. Ct. and which was earlier supposedly an greek fortress - Ptolemeus Collentum.
On the main road beginns a steep trekking path towards the ruins on the hill 223m above the sea level
and further up into the Rab hidden inland.
This area is also very popular for its long seaside promenade and nice pebble beaches at the Pudarica area
around the old ferry port cca 2,5 km outside the village easily reachable by car or bike.

Barbat offers accommodation in board and lodging houses, pension and apartments, 
with its seaside promenade and marinas. Althugh Barbat still attracts many, with the new urbanisation village 
has changed a lot and can feel crowded in the high season.
Here is also a traditional dockyard Piculjan, well known ship builders.

Accommodation facilities:
- **** pansion Barbat 
- quality private accommodation in apartments and rooms.

 Attractions in the village:
- the remains of an St. Damian;  Located on a hill 223m above the sea level where leads the trekking path 
from the main road. 

Restaurants: Leut, Zlatna ribica, Kordic, Bimbo...
Our recommendation: LEUT
Beaches in area:
- small pebble shores next to promenade inbetween the peers in the village
- Pudarica beach outside village

St. Damian



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Barbat panorama

Barbat promenade


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