- Noise and rumble are not welcomed in the house, particurarly during the sleeping time between Midnight and 08 am in the morning.
Neighbours are also sensitive to noise. You are obliged to mannerly behaviour both adults and children, for child supervision during their playtime, for draught making and door battering.

Your absence:
- If absent from the premises for longer than 2 days, please inform landlords.

Generaly Absolutely forbidden if not confirmed with the offer:
- Pets - bringing of animals - not allowed.
- Guests are not allowed to recive and entertain non-residents in rented rooms/ apartments.
( Persons who are not the houseguests are not allowed to stay overnight, to reside all day long at the premises or use the house appliences.)

- generaly permitted in communal space ( sitting room or kitchen, hall, balcony/ terrasse), not allowed in sleeping rooms, (  think of fire hazard..)

Around the house:
- Vechicles have to be parked only at the owner's parking ground. Please take care of right of passage.

- Close all the doors and windows when out so there would be no damage in case of storm, lighting or draught. Turn off water taps, power, gas...

Furniture and house appliances
- Liability: The guest/ tenant is liable for damages caused during his stay (with the exception when it is due to a normal wear and tear or to a defect) and for any hazards due to your presence (fire, flooding), against which you must be insured.
It is not allowed to move or take away any furniture or any devices without prior consent by the owners. You are asked for responsible handling. Upon departure, you are required to call your host to check the apartment. Guests are obliged to pay for any damage(s) they cause.


Please take the garbage out daily.
Please keep your apartment clean and in order during your stay. (Cleaning is not provided.)
If you booked just rooms, they are maintained daily by the owner.

Dogs and other pets - wherew allowed and only with prior confirmatin at the booking.
Generally; small dogs allowed, big and long-haired not. You are responsible for your pet; the documents, health, good behaving and cleanness. Dog is not allowed to sleep in bed and must have own basket and other accessories. Animals are not to be left unattended.

Final cleaning: as standard included in the price, but the guests are obliged to leave the apartment in good order.

- Please save energy by reasonable useage; turn the air-conditioning off when not in the apartment and set the timer
- regulate temperature within standards.
- Close windos and the entrance doors, irresponsible usage may result in extra surcharge for air-conditioning.

- must be returned to owner before departure.

The room/ apartment rate for the reserved period will be charged prior to the beginning of your stay.
If you decide to terminate your reservation earlier than agreed, payment must be made for the whole period you have reserved.

Arrival / Departure
Arrival and departure day are calculated as 1 day:
- on arrival day accommodation is usually available sometime after 12:00 h. If you arrive in the morning you will have to wait until the unit is ready.
- please leave the unit by 10:00 AM on departure day.

The House Rules follow the custom and pratice of the catering and tourism industry and make integral part of the rent.

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